Brianna Alassondra

With the lightest stroke of a brush and softest tone of voice, Brianna Alassondra creates art for connection. Using faces as her canvas, the strategic artist, beauty educator and dream pushing advocate has been disrupting the industry for nearly a decade with her philosophy of applying more than makeup to those who sit in her chair. It is through her brand, Brianna Alassondra Beauty that Brianna strives daily to illuminate the light within girls and women in hopes of them becoming fully present in their beauty beyond the surface. 

Choosing the bold path of entrepreneurship long before it was popular amongst peers, Brianna’s persistence in her passion has proved gratifying. Derived from a family of educators, Brianna courageously left the path of traditional education at Clark Atlanta University in 2011 during her sophomore year, to become a student of life instead. While soaking up every ounce of beauty knowledge as possible, Brianna became one of the first of her generation to evolve her practice on social media, eventually landing clients from all walks of life, including celebrities, Dej Loaf, Jemele Hill, Tasha Cobbs, Tamar Braxton, and Eric Benet, to name a few. Brianna’s gifted artistry has captured the attention of industry trailblazers, Derrick Rutledge — personal makeup artist to Oprah Winfrey and First Lady Michelle Obama — and Rashida Williams notably known as “The Glam Doctor.” Both serve as her mentors to this day.

Brianna has traveled nationwide and internationally executing modest to complex artisanal presentation. In 2012, Brianna’s exquisite work impressed industry leader, Danessa Myricks, who invited Brianna to showcase her work before thousands as her assistant at the Nation’s Largest and Best Multicultural Beauty Show, Bronner Bros International Beauty Show in Atlanta, GA. Following that pivotal moment, Brianna charged forward wholeheartedly in developing her professional brand. Her astute professionalism and attention to every detail produces work that stands out amongst the pack. Opportunities working for AJ Crimson, Danessa Myricks IMYB Brand,  Love and Hip Hop Atlanta through the Technique Agency, and Married to Medicine are just a few of Brianna’s game changing experiences as a makeup artist who has earned her seat at the table. 

Above her participation on fascinating sets, events or shows, Brianna challenges herself and others to remain diligent toward not only professional, but personal development. Once considered a professional quitter for hopping from one job to the next while gradually building her brand, Brianna celebrates other risk takers who mute the noise of the world and take the road less traveled toward their ultimate dream. Remembering the long days at the MAC counter in Atlanta’s Lenox Mall working on the faces of many people who are now prominent influencers in the community, Brianna urges the next generation of girls to be true to themselves regardless of the pressures placed on them by society and the online world. Understanding the many barriers that can arise while pursuing school and entrepreneurship while balancing life, Brianna focuses her efforts on expanding her platform to provide mentorship for girls and education for aspiring artists on not only makeup application, but proper skin care practices while engaging in healthy conversation centered on inner beauty before external. 

Whether celebrities or everyday people, Brianna’s message remains the same, which is your presence should always be a priority, taking care of yourself is non-negotiable and luxury treatment does not have to be a rare occurrence. To the grandmother who’s neglected her appearance for far too many years, Brianna uses her time to help that woman reacquaint herself with the woman in the mirror.

For Brianna, makeup should never mask the person who is behind it, but rather, highlight the person inside while giving enhancement to their profound and unique features. She celebrates her affinity for a classic and timeless natural look which has become her signature service amongst her many skills including hair styling, lash application, male grooming and much more. A graduate of Paul Mitchell School of Beauty and licensed cosmetologist, Brianna speaks to the women who often need a reminder that makeup can be worn whenever you see fit. Brianna continually progresses in her plan A, because for her, there was never a plan B once she committed to her artistry. She pays it forward as others have so graciously done for her as a respected beauty authority, thoughtful resource and champion of womanhood who personifies the words she lives by: “Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.” -Rumi.