Welcome to MyBeautyClub.Co! 

I’m sure you’ve watched countless hours of YouTube tutorials, going back and forth trying to figure out HOW to do your own makeup. You’ve probably watched a video, pulled out your makeup bag and STILL did not know what you were doing or where to even begin! Here’s the thing, I get it. That is why I’ve created In this space, you’ll be able to see me and even more importantly, I’ll be able to see and coach you in REAL TIME! You are going to learn YOUR face!

At our makeup parties, everyday women will be able to come together once a week, for 5 weeks and you’ll have the opportunity to learn, engage, and grow in your own personal makeup journey and make a few new friends along the way. I have created this space specifically with YOU in mind! Each week you will have a focus feature and you will do your makeup LIVE under the instruction of myself and along with everyone else. You will also be able to receive instant coaching and feedback, ask questions, party and simply have fun during the process.

 In our club, you will learn and have access to:

  • 24/7 private access to MyBeautyClub.Co private Facebook group

  • weekly makeup parties with specific skill focus

  • makeup party replays

  • my personal tips & tricks for creating flawless makeup

  • instant coaching on every call

  • product knowledge

  • product recommendations - inexpensive and luxury brands

  • shopping list

  • HOW, WHEN & WHERE to shop for beauty products

  • the DO’s and DONT’s of makeup application

  • and of course your lovely party host, ME!

So what are you waiting on? Are you coming to the party? Purchase your ticket below!

Orientation is September 23, 2019 6-8pm and our first session is September30th, 2019 6-8pm